Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Liquidlogic Biscuit: Prototype Number One

So the word is out. The Biscuit Protos are fresh. Marlow Long took a bite out of the first ones out of the oven. Here are some photos and video at Skook.

Fresh Hot Biscuits

Launching an Air Biscuit :)

Cleaning his plate

Click Here for the Video

I finished the second protos for the Outdoor Retail Show and now I finally have a chance to get away from the shop for a bit of testing. Yonton, my old buddy Beaz, and Justin are all headed up to the Ottawa for some fun. The levels are off for the big Ottawa waves but the play should be decent, and word has it that High Tension is coming in soon. So it should be a good test of more normal playspots, and a good wave. I will post more as we go.


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