Tuesday, August 04, 2009

2009 Overnighter on the Chattooga

Packing the Remix XP
My bro and other friends rolled into town not too long ago and we did another awesome Chattooga overnight trip. We started up on section 2 where my brother and I pretty much learned how to paddle. Its cool to see his kids start getting into it in the same place that we did. Section 2 is pretty mellow with few nice easy rapids that are perfect for learning to catch eddies and make moves in rapids. I remember cruising up to "Big Shoals" rapid when it was one of my first rapids with a name. It was very cool to see Pete and his son Otter scouting it and deciding how he wanted to run the rapid and remembering us being there.
Lunch before putting on the river
Scouting, "the big one"
Stylin it
We made this a fun easy short trip at the lower water level by putting in on section 2, camping near the put in for section 3 near Earl's Ford, and then only running the first 3 miles of section 3 to Sandy Ford. We had all types of craft on this trip. We had a raft and duckies for the kids that weren't kayaking on their own yet and my brother and I paddled Remix XPs. Between the small raft and the two XPs we were able to pack plenty of stuff for the whole gang which numbered 6 adults and 6 kids.
Future Kayakers
Kids lovin' it
Syncronized father son paddling
I remember my first overnighters and how cool it was to be out in the wilderness. Then, I thought we were in the middle of no where and we were having a big crazy adventures. Now, I know the trail to the road isn't far away and normally I wouldn't take chocolate chips or pancakes for that matter on a paddling trip but the adventures are still big they just take on a different style sometimes.
Mmm chocolate chip pancakes

Here is the slideshow of all the photos from the trip.

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