Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dawn Patrol Dreaming.

"Getting Geared Up"

Thanks to Raphael Thiebaut for the photos.

Over the two weeks before the Green Race this year I did more dawn patrols than I had ever done before combined. I really grew to like it. Sometimes I was useless during the day but there is something about getting down to the river as the sun is rising that is really a cool feeling. There aren't many things that can start your day off as well.

"Going Left Early"

The day usually started at 5:30am wake up. Meet at the take out at 6:30am. Makr sure the water is running at the takeout. Transfer all the gear to the vehicle going to the top. Be at the top by 7:00. Walking down by 10 after and putting on the water around 7:20ish. The sun was up but not iluminating very much. So you are paddling into Frankenstien in a pretty awesome morning light. Some days there would be fog on the water and other days not. You would have to wake yourself up before heading into Go Left just to make sure you were paying attention.

"Boofing in the Fall"

And then there you would be running the monkey before most people get to work, and before some have finished breakfast. If we hung out a little at Gorilla the sun would just peak over the ridge in the lowest point and shine in on the slides below Gorilla. Just a whole new way of looking at a river that most of the time you don't even try to get on before 10:30-11:00 o'clock. The paddle out was really spectacular because if it was clear, the morning sun was lit up the fall colors on the ridges over the river.

"Paddling into the Sun"

Here is a video I made of "Dawn Patroling.

Dawn Patrol Dreaming Video, Click This!

Take it easy.
Wish I could be out there with you all in the rain.

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