Monday, January 31, 2011

Liquidlogic Boat Designs for the Future

So we threw the question out to you all on the Liquidlogic Facebook page. What are the boats you would like to see Liquidlogic work on in the near future? The response was pretty amazing. After wading through 100 plus responses on one FB thread, 50 on another thread, 40 on a blog post, many emails, texts, and chats I came up with this list of designs that you all mentioned. Now lets hone down the details and see where we end up. This post will appear on the Liquidlogic Facebook Page add your comments there for any or all of these design ideas. If you have more to add go for it.

Flat Hulled Creeker
How flat is a flat hulled creeker? How long? How many gallons? What are some important features (in boat design, not accessories and outfitting) you would like to see in this boat?

Bigger Remix
Brad I think this was you. A bigger Remix really?! :), Woody paddles the 79 pretty happily at 6'4" and 250lbs. But I would like to hear the reasoning.

Here was a good one from the facebook page.

  • Josh Brown
  • To many great ideas here. Just put one somewhere in the middle for me that mows grass, baby sits the kids, and shaves body hair. Then I might have enough time to go kayaking and I'll buy 2 of your plain kayaks.
    Narrower Remix SeriesWe can't change an existing boat like this. It would mean building all new molds for the series. So I would like to hear about a boat you would like without comparing it to the Remix Series. A narrower river runner with speed I am assuming. Now fill in the blanks.
Bigger Jefe
Brad again I am assuming. How many gallons? How long?

85 Gallon Creeker or in between Jefe and Jefe Grande
That is a very specific request. Have you paddled both boats and really find that neither works for you? Or are you just worried that the "volumes" aren't good for you. Why should it be 85 gallons?  What will that do that the 80 or 90 gallon versions won't be able to do?

I think that volume is the most over rated criteria for boats especially creek boats. It works as a place to start searching but testing and demoing boats is the only way to tell how the boat paddles for your size, weight, height, etc... The Jefe Grande is being paddled very hard and happily by paddlers weighing 160lbs and up to 260. Most seem to love it.  

C-1 Specific Boat
Explain please.  How is it different?  What type of boat?  Size?

C-1, K-1, SOT, Combo Platter,etc.
Craig explain yourself and how you are going to pay for this.

Surf Boat
I would like to make a surf boat but what I would really like to do is make another generation of a surf boat design I did a couple years ago.

Kids Boat
We did the Remix 47 a few years ago. I am really psyched with this boat. They are able to paddle it downstream with confidence, roll it well, and have a great time. What other kids specific boats would you like to see out there?

Modern Gus
Interesting request. What are the performance characteristics that you see in the Gus that you would like to see carried on in a new design?

River Running Playboat
There are many river running playboats. What type of RRPlay boat are you thinking of? Length, Volumes, and types of play. Would you lean more towards play, more towards river running, or stick it right between.

What would you like to see in a new Liquidlogic playboat design.

Remix Creeker
What does a Remix Creeker mean? What are the characteristics of the Remix Creeker?

Longer XP boats
The request was for 12 and 14 foot versions of the XP. What will the 12 and 14 do that the 9 and 10 won't? Is it speed? Carrying capacity? Is it a touring boat?

Longer Remix
My guess is this is an old school boat or maybe a Stinger type boat. How long? What do you want to do with it?

Longer Creeker
How long are we talking? What is too long? What do you gain? What do you lose?

Super Squish Remix
I am thinking of this as a long river running playboat focused towards surfing and stern squirting like the old Sleek and Cruise Controls. Is that the idea?

Expedition Boat (hatch)
This boat sounded like a full on creek boat with a hatch and more durable outfitting but is there anything in the boat design itself that separates it?

Long Playboat
How long? What is the performance desired? What types of tricks or moves are you looking to do in it?

What would you change to the Stinger at this point? We would love to bring it into a production mold. It is really expensive though, but people sure do seem to love it.

Sea Kayak
Something that has "LL style" was the quote. That would be a fun project to tackle. How long? What features are important? And also What is LL style?

Shorter Versa Board
The Versa Board was really popular for us last year. A shorter Versa Board would be really fun. What could you do with a shorter Versa Board?  How short?

Composite playboat 
That would be fun but will anyone pay for it? How much would you pay for a composite playboat?

and a Pink boat
I like the idea of a Pink kayak but we tried that once and didn't sell very many. I even had a pink boat (yes I really did).  What other colors?

Thanks for checking this out and add your comments to the facebook posts about Boat Design.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What design ideas do you want Liquidlogic to produce in the near future?

It’s that time of year again. The design cycle here at Liquidlogic has us working on future concepts, designs and improvements.  Each year, we start the process with many different projects and whittle them down to the few that we think most deserve to make the cut.  This year we have so many designs in mind that we thought those of you interested in our boats might want to weigh in on what you’d most like to see Liquidlogic pursue in the coming year or two. 

We want your input on anything you think we should and could do better.  If you have an idea, or would like to see us develop a specific boat design, fire away! If you envision a way to improve Bad Ass Outfitting, let us know.  Even the smallest parts of a kayak make a big difference, and we want to perfect every detail. On the Liquidlogic Facebook Discussion Page you can take part in the discussion.  We want your input.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Remix XPs self support trip in the Grand Canyon

Well the fellas are back from their self support trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon and John Grace is going to put together a video of the experience  Here is the write up and a trailer that he has put together just a few days after they got off the river.

“12 Days” is a feature film focusing on Self Support Kayaking The Grand Canyon of The Colorado River. Coursing through 200+ miles of the most rugged terrain on the planet The Grand Canyon is truly a wonder of the world. While many experience the canyon by hiking or with raft support, some of us have a wanderlust for a more personal experience. Self support kayaking is the answer for those who want the most out of the canyon. The experience of packing everything needed for survival in your own boat then paddling it hundreds of miles through a remote, rapid choked canyon is nothing short of incredible. “12 days” covers everything a paddler needs to know from permits to groovers all the while showcasing the spectacle that is The Grand Canyon!  

They hope to have the video out in April.  It should be a fun one because the trip was full of action, drama, and suspense.


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