Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Steep Creek Skills wins at The National Paddling Film Festival

We got some cool news the other day. The video that John Grace, Penstock Productions, Liquidlogic and I put together, Steep Creek Skills, won the Best Instructional Video category at the National Paddling Film Festival. Pretty Cool. I am psyched. It was a fun project that we had been talking about doing for a long time. The Penstock crew did a great job of bringing together all the footage, and audio. John also had to organize a group of kayakers. We all know how that goes. The best part of the whole thing was that we got to spend a bunch of time on the home river with a bunch of friends. In fact I think we had two days in a row where it took us 5 hours to get down the Green which usually takes us a little more than an hour.

The DVD not only has the Steep Creek Skills video it also has a full Green River Guide which includes shots of most of the different lines through almost every rapid on the river. There are also a few other extras including a top ten from Tommy and the highlights of the Green Race this past year. All in all its a packed DVD with instruction, beta on the green, and just plain old entertainment. Here is a sampling of what is on the instructional portion of the video.

Buy the video at the LVM Store by clicking Here and look for more instruction at Liquidlogic's instructional page Here. We will be updating that site regularly with instruction tips of all types. In fact send us some ideas and we will try our best to cover them.

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