Wednesday, January 21, 2009

All 3 sizes of Biscuits are running now at Liquidlogic

Today we started running the largest Biscuit. So now we have all three sizes up and running. The largest was the last to come on line. Its cool to see all three sizes next to each other. Of course these photos don't really show everything and the lighting is terrible to show the hull so I hope to have better hull photos up soon.

The Three Side By Side

Up the Line

I just jumped in the Biscuit 65 with my shoes on.
That make me thing big comfortable loops.

Marlow Left His Boat Out in the Snow.

But He Still Paddles Pretty Well.
Thanks to Jeremy Laucks for this photo.

The Original BIscuit
From First Biscuit

Later Shane

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Green and the Liquidlogic Shop from a French point of view.

I know I put too much stuff up about the Green, but hey its fun. If you saw the post just before the Green Race you will remember Eric "the slalom racer" Deguil. He came into town for the race and stayed for 10 days or so. The trip went something like this...Fly from Europe, then take a 9 hour bus ride from Atlanta to Asheville (aaaaaahhhhh!). When I picked him up and I could see it in his eyes that he already had some incredible cultural experiences on the road so I figured I would contribute to the delinquency of a Euro. We went straight to Krispy Kreme and then on to the Green where he proceeded to do a double (two trips in a day). He then did a double every day for the week leading up to the race except the day before. It was a rest day after all. Then he came in third in the race, and won the short boat class. There was a costume party, and of course the Green Race party, we went to barbecue, we taught him how to say ,"HELL YEAH", and other phrases I won't mention. All in all I think he got a completely skewed view of the U.S..

During his stay Eric was taking video and he promised me he would send me something later. I got an email a couple weeks after he left. It said, "I kill my computer with video". I was thinking oh well no video from Eric, but just today I got this in an email.

Enjoy the Green and the Liquidlogic office and shop from a French point of view.
Oh by the way I have no idea what he says in the video.
So I am sure the joke is on me. Sorry for any horrific slurs or language unfitting a kayaker.

Here is the original video that I did before the race just in case you really needed to waste time.
Remember there are a couple bad words on this one so turn down the volume if your parents are walking by or you are at work.


Getting Ready for the 2008 Green Race from Shaneslogic on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Molds for the Biscuits have arrived.

The Biscuit Model

So this is the Biscuit just before it was sent away to the mold maker. After a couple months of work by the mold makers the molds have come back to us ready to rock and roll. The whole Legacy team jumped in to get these things going fast. There is a lot to figure out to get a boat into production. We spend a couple days making sure all the parts fit well, the logos are placed right, the thicknesses are to our spec, and the shape of the boat itself is what I am looking for in performance. As cliche as it sounds its like a new baby arrives in the plant. Everyone comes around to see how it looks and congratulations go all the way around the factory. So check it out. The first pictures. I will do better soon when I have good light.

The Biscuit Mold Comes In

Shiney on the Inside

Very Shiney

I Hate it when they drill holes in the mold with a big drill bit.

It Makes Me Nervous

First Couple Boats Clean The Mold and then...

The First Biscuit Pops Out


This is the 55. Its the middle size of three. 45, 55, 65



Yeah Baby Bad Ass Outfitting

Obie Can't Wait To Get It On The Water.

Anyway I thought you all would enjoy seeing the first ones built out of the mold.
We will have much more posted about them in the future.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Sneaking away to surf in Nicaragua

From Nicaragua Blog

The day after Christmas I jumped on a plane and headed south for the new years celebration and to surf until I couldn't lift my arms and stand up on a board anymore.  The standing up on a board part is pretty difficult for me anyway but you get the idea.  I have been on 4 surfing trips in the past one to Sayulita Mexico, 2 trips to Nosara Costa Rica, and now to Los Cardones Surf Camp in Nicaragua.  Each place is really different and have been awesome for learning to surf, but this spot in Nicaragua was fantastic.  We had the smallest surf they said they had seen all season and yet there was always something there and I surfed every day until I was beat.

From Nicaragua Blog

The really nice thing about this spot in Nicaragua was that we weren't just surrounded by tourists.  The Surf Camp is pretty much all alone on the beach and its flanked by fishing villages, and local homes on either side.  Everyday we saw the locals out in the surf putting out their bait fish nets, and out beyond the surf there were local fishing boats pulling in our dinners.

From Nicaragua Blog

The other very cool thing we did was go on a horse back trip through the sugar cane fields.  It was harvest time so we got to see the whole process of bringing the cane crop.  In the evenings they burn the fields to clear the way for machette chopping and throughout the daylight they take down the sugar cane drop it in rows and the men load it on big ox driven carts that are then taken to a truck and loaded for the road. It was a neat operation to watch.

From Nicaragua Blog

From Nicaragua Blog

From Nicaragua Blog

From Nicaragua Blog

We did a couple of other fun tours up a volcano, and into the colonial town of Grenada.  Both were awesome.  Grenada was colorful houses, an awesome market with nice late Christmas present shopping.  I liked wandering through the local market.

From Nicaragua Blog

From Nicaragua Blog

From Nicaragua Blog

But the best part of the trip was Los Cardones Surf Camp.  The bungalow we were in was 20 yards from the ocean.  I would get up in the morning look at the surf and wander out to get the wake up call of the first wave breaking over my head as I tried to paddle out.  The surf was perfect for me plus down the beach were several other breaks one of which was a barrelling reef break that I wanted no part of.  It would have been like sending a beginner off Gorilla for me to surf that spot.  Then after a hard morning of surfing it was breakfast, napping, cards, lunch, napping, surfing, beverages, cards food.  It was a tough schedule but we managed.  Our meals were served fresh off the grill in a shaded champa over the beach and breaks, and to top it all off the beer was FREE, and we had to do this every day for a week.

From Nicaragua Blog

From Nicaragua Blog

From Nicaragua Blog

From Nicaragua Blog

From Nicaragua Blog

Happy New Years Everyone

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