Thursday, March 11, 2010

The 75 Foot Speedloader Throwbag by Liquidlogic

We have had tons of feedback on the speedloader and one of the main things that people want us to do is come out with a larger diameter, longer rope version of the 50 foot Speedloader.  So here is  a video of  the 75 foot version of the Speedloader.

Monday, March 08, 2010

The Versa Board Mold Is Here!

We just got the production mold for the Versa Board in the factory.  It will take us a few days to get the mold tuned in, polished, set up for all the attachment points, accessories, and skeg systems but we took one of the first ones out of the mold, and down to the lake, to check it out.

Here are some photos from that first paddle.

Everyones reaction after the first paddle is all thumbs up.  Its super stable so anyone can try out stand up paddling.  The board tracks really well.  The First Class Swivel seat is super comfortable.  The wheel makes it easy to roll to the water and we managed to stay dry on this chilly day.

I will put lots more photos up soon.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Versa Board on the Elkhorn River and the National Paddling Film Festival

Woody cruising to SUP gold at the Elkhorn River Race!

This past Friday we were loading up the RV to head to Kentucky for the National Paddling Film Festival.  It was cold and snowy and to tell you the truth I was thinking more about my wood stove at home and the couch than going to paddle in Kentucky, but I am glad I went for it.  We had a blast up there.  Friday night we showed up as the videos were beginning to show and the beer was beginning to flow.  All the local folks were out in force putting together a great meal and a great show for all comers.    The local club the Bluegrass Wildwater Association lead the charge in organizing this event thanks to Brandon Jett who was the director this year and with the help of what looked like 3096 (estimated) volunteers they pulled off a great weekend.  After a ton of awesome videos we headed out on the town with a large crew in tow.  You know when 20 kayakers walk into a bar you don't exactly blend in.

Saturday we woke up with a dusting of snow.  Always a good start after a late night out on the town.  A big portion of the paddling community showed up to run the Elkhorn including a huge crowd of 60 people braving the temps to race.  That is where Woody and Will showed their skills in Stand Up Paddling boarding.  The race was on.

Tyler Bradt called the stand up paddle mission brave and stated there would be awesomeness.

The Elkhorn is what I would call the perfect beginner river.  There are great spots to work on skills, the scenery is beautiful, lots of good folks to paddle with and when we took out there was a party, a bonfire, and awards for just about everyone.  Woody and Will survived.  Woody in fact kicked Will's butt in the race.

Will Lyons messed with the bull at the put in but had to deal with the horn.

Saturday evening was more videos, carousing with folks, and a Chili cook off.  (No Eddie Freddie got robbed :)  Dream Result was premiered and it was awesome.  Wet Dream Result was even funnier on the big screen and our own Evan Garcia won Best in Show and Paddlers Choice awards for his video, Cali Love Tour (unfortunately no video here but awesome writeup).  "Nicely done Evan"!

Here is the epic mission of our brave boys on the Versa Board on the Elkhorn River.

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