Monday, February 26, 2007

Puppies of Ancient Carolina Lineage

Well my dog Biscuit went and got knocked up. Now I have 5 pups that are starting to get close to weening age. They have a couple more weeks probably at the most. I am looking for new homes for them and I am giving you first dibs. First you should know the parents and the type of lineage you would be adopting.

Biscuit and the dog that we are pretty sure is the dad are both small to midsize dogs. They are pure bred Carolina Mountain Dogs 100% an untraced lineage back to the civil war where they were used to attack the boots of U.S. infrantry men causing them to lose aim and shoot their own soldiers.

This is Jack, Biscuits great, great, great, great, grandfather.
The Civil War Hero.

After that the Carolina Mountain Dog was trained to sample corn liquor for impurities. They could actually sense whether the corn used in the sourmash was harvested from the north or southern facing slope of the mountain side. Obviously the southern side would render a much sweeter elixir.

Unfortunately Prohibition squeezed Biscuits great uncle out of his job as a corn whiskey sampler.

Nowadays the Carolina Mountain Dog is used as the perfect paddler sidekick. Instinctually knows to be quiet while sneaking into no dog hotels, and can live happily for weeks on end in smelly vehicles. In fact becomes emotionally attached to paddling gear and carbon fiber. Biscuit will fetch as long as you will throw the ball, stick, frisbee, brick, or bowling ball. She loves to run with you and hang out in the sun. She is a great mix of cuddler and playful.

Biscuit Here Helping Me Recycle Kayaks

Here they are your soon to be paddling pups.

This is Bear in front and Grey Girl in back.
Bear is mostly black and brown with a little white on the chest and feet. We aren't sure but there is a possibility that Biscuit may have consumated her feelings with a small black bear along the banks of the green river to come up with this one.
He was the biggest at first but now more middle of the pack. He is one of the curious ones. Hibernates...I mean cuddles well.

Grey girl is showing signs of a lost strain of the Carolina Mountain Dog family know as the Weimrolina Moutain Dog. She is all grey except the white chest. She also still has the blue eyes.
Don't know if they will go away or not. She was the runt but it catching up fast.
She is mellow and sweet as could be.

This is Tanner. Tanner is the most outgoing playful of the pack these days. Tanner loves long walks about the box and playing with poo covered newspaper. He is also training to be a body piercing expert.
Super cute boy all tan with white check and face, and a black spot on his tail.

This is Muddle. We found Muddles calling as a hunting dog this morning outside in the front yard. Where I don't know how he did it but he treeed a worm.
Cool mixed marking. Brown, White, Black. Very affectionate.

Red is what I call her. She is an outgoing female. Lots of personality and raring to go. She loves to play hide and seek or keep away with your socks and of course enjoys a good pee of the squatting style.

Here is a link to a graphic puppy birthing.
Don't open it if you don't want to see it happen..
The birth part was not much its what happens immediately after that is enough to make you get a little light headed if you are a wimp like me.
Graphic Puppy Birth Video
Its a big video like 20mbs.

If you are interested in a puppy send me an email.
Obviously you need to be in the southeast or willing to drive to get a
free Pure Bred Carolina Moutain Mut/.. I mean Dog.

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