Monday, July 07, 2008

Robin Betz and Daniel Windham just send in a cool video.

These guys went up to West Virginia to do a little paddling and they made this sweet little video. I thought I would share it with you all as well as a little write up by Robin.....

We were calling it WV in a VW, but West Virginia in a Westy works too, so whatever you all think is cool works.

Here's my schpeel....

I don't know if you are aware but just after the Green Race in November '07 was the 60th Birthday of the Volkswagon Westfalia Van. And that is sometime around when my parents were born, I think. So that's like close to 3 generations of folks who have been trotting the globe in the comfort of the Vanagon. It's about the same time for the longboats - so we decided to join the club and go kayak W.V. in a VW.
I held onto my Remix 100 for a couple extra weeks after Jerry's Baddle just so I could go run Double Pothole on the Meadow in it. The Remix Hungee was perfect for the Meadow - I only wish we had had the river at 2000 cfs. We also went and ran the Gauley at a level somewhere just below commercial release - and it was amazing! It was the perfect level for catching eddies mid-rapid, making attainment moves, and carving on Geek Wave, yea that' right - carving on Geek Wave. The craziest part of the adventure was running shuttle (literally). Yes, on both runs we hiked (our longboats) out of the river and ran back to the Westy at the putin. I highly recommend paddling West Virginia in a Westy, just don't forget your Remix.

This is a really cool little video these guys put together. Daniel shooting, and Robin paddling the Meadow. Nicely done guys.
Click Here for the movie, "WV in a VW

Here are some other Remix Videos that John Grace made for us recently. I posted one of them already but I figured with the Remix theme on this I would put the rest up.

The first one is Adriene at the Homestake Race at the Teva Mountain Games.
Click it Here For the Remix 59 Video

The second on is me working the no brainer front surf at the Bladder Wave in Idaho.
Click it Here For the Remix 69 Video

Then the last one is Freddy Coriel running the 79 down the North Fork of the Payette during the race and Grace could barely keep up with him in a car.
Click it Here For the Remix 79 Video

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