Monday, June 30, 2014

We are Psyched to announce that Pat Keller is joining the Liquidlogic family!

Shane and Pat testing out Flying Squirrel Prototypes.
Decades ago, 7-year-old Pat Keller walked up to Shane, introduced himself, and proceeded to explain that he was going to be a kayak instructor and travel around the world to paddle. He’s met and exceeded that declaration in so many ways: waterfall huckmeister, blistering-fast racer, cutting-edge downriver freestyler, epic adventurer, and innovative design advisor. Born and raised around whitewater, Pat has a totally unique art and style as a paddler and regularly visualizes completely new paddling possibilities. Pat’s gonna leap out of bed in the morning with out-of-the-box ideas for a kayak and a way to use it that no one has even imagined, and the Liquidlogic team has the tools to bring them to life.

Pat’s resume is long and his accomplishments speak for themselves: Reigning Champ and three-time Green Race winner (so far!),with frequent seconds; two-time Teva Mountain Games winner; many First Decents including: Toxaway Falls, Linville Falls, Valser Rhein Falls, Cane Creek Falls, Wolf Creek Falls. Every day, Pat finds beautiful new lines that show his passion for boating. Maybe more than anything else, that love of the sport makes all of us at Liquidlogic so excited to work with him. Shane said, “It’s going to be great to have Pat on board here at LL for more reasons than his amazing paddling. He is a great ambassador of the sport. He loves it and his passion is contagious. It’s already got us fired up here at the factory!”

Pat's First Win on Team Liquidlogic
Woody, too, can’t wait to work with Pat. He says, “Pat joining the team marks a new era at Liquidlogic. We want even more input from our team, and having someone of Pat’s experience contributing design ideas and development is just what we’re working toward.”

Long-time team member Adriene Levknect adds, “Having Pat join the Liquidlogic team puts the icing on a super sweet team that is always pushing the limits and testing new lines. Pat is an innovator and dreamer when it comes to kayak designs and what he wants them to do. Plus, he's a great character!”

Way back when Pat was in junior high school, he and Shane worked together on a boat design as a class project. Having Pat join Liquidlogic seems meant to be.

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