Monday, January 31, 2005

Paddling with Pat Camblin on the Nile.

Yeah I know that isn't a photo of Pat on the Nile its yours truly on the Nile.
Thanks Tanya Shuman for the Photo.

While I was down in Africa I was able to spend a couple days on the river with Pat. We paddled the upper stretch down to a beautiful glassy wave in a rapid called the Ugly Sisters and then we went down to Nile Special and spent a couple days there. The rapids were super fun and you can't beat paddling in a rash guard all the time.
The craziest thing about paddling with Pat is that you get decensitized to air. I mean he is getting 3 and 4 feet of air on a regular basis so you sort start to think ho hum but its unreal. Pretty much every ride he takes he does a move that makes you go, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh! You know what I mean. I think he has an extra butt bouncing gene or something.
Here is some of the video that I shot of him while we were down in Africa.
Pat On The Nile

One of the coolest days on my trip was a day where I was paddling with Marlow and Pat. It was so cool to see the completely different styles of the two different paddlers. Marlow is the groove master. He throws lots of clean moves and changes up the variety and throws in alot of little carves or jibs as I call them. While Pat is powerful. You can see the move coming from a mile away as Pat gets his body moving into a trick. He gets a huge bounce and really knows how to throw his body to get everything he can out of a move. Together these guys really are doing their part to change the sport. For the past year they have been really pushing the combo move thing. Pat won the IR Big Gun Show with what he calls the "Bread and Butter", which is a Pan Am (Silly Flip) into a Back Stab or Back Pan Am. Hell I'll put that link in here also. Watch the last couple shots of this move and you will see he pretty much misses both ends of the boat on both moves. This is really one of the coolest things I have ever seen done in a playboat.
" The Bread and Butter"

Marlow has been doing some other combos and he pulled his "Toast and Jam" while I was there several times. Its in this video from the last article. Its a low Clean Roundhouse or Blunt into a Helix. Its a really cool and complex move. Very fun to watch though.
Marlow On The Nile

Anyway just a few good clips that I thought you all might enjoy.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Marlow Long and the Elusive Porpoise maneuver, and LVM #15

The last couple weeks I have been sorting through all the video footage I got while I was in Africa and it is awesome. The Nile was rediculous for video because ever rapid or playspot was epic so everything I shot was good stuff. The problem was that I shot 5 hours of footage so I had to sort through all that and if you have done any editing you know that sorting through that much video takes some time. Especially when you are filming several of the best paddlers in the world.

Thanks to Tanya Shuman for the Photo.
So I spent a week practically sifting through the endless moves thrown and rapids run by Marlow Long, Pat Camblin, Whitney Lonsdale, Tanya Shuman, Laura Nash, Rush Sturges, The Amazing Ugandan Team Paddlers, Scott Doherty, and a bunch of others. I have put some videos up in earlier posts on this page but I was working on a segment for LVM #15 and it was tough cutting things out, but after a bunch of work I had it cut down to 8 minutes and I thought okay I am pretty close lets see what Daniel thinks. So I talk to Daniel and he says, "Well your segment needs to be 4 to 5 minutes". I'm thinking, I don't know how I am going to do that. I like every shot in there. So back to the editing. Another day later and I finally get it down to 4 1/2 minutes, but it was painful taking 5 hours of footage and cutting it down to 4 1/2 minutes.

What that does do though is give me a bunch of footage to put up on the internet.
Here is a link to some. This is Marlow Long doing his thing including the ever elusive porpoise maneuver with a fist pump
for extra emphasis.
Marlow On The Nile

Marlow Long doing his thing on Nile Special and there are a couple other shots thrown in there as well. Marlow is paddling as well or better than just about anyone else in the world as far as freestyle goes. The cool thing is that he isn't just throwing big tricks which he is. He throws all varieties, technical, big, and stylish. When Mar takes a ride you will see everything from little jibs, to helixs, to combo moves, and stuff that he doesn't even know what it is yet. I have to say he is amazing to watch.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Lots Going On This Week! Jefe Slideshow Included!

Last week we sent out the Jefe plug to the mold maker to make the alluminum mold. Its always a great time because all the sanding work is done and in a couple months the boats will start rolling in and you can get to the real fun of paddling a new boat. We started a new tradition when we send off a plug which involves cheap Champagne and Doughnuts. So after 9 months and a lot of work and playing.

Daniel at LVM just sent us this awesome slideshow of the Jefe in places all over the world.
Jefe Slideshow

I just love this shot so I put it in since we are getting ready to see a new mold for the Jefe. Why are our boats so shiney you ask. Well check out this mold. Here is a shot of one of the molders putting in the inserts that the grab bars are attached to in the plastic. You can see how smooth and shiney our molds are when they are finished. The Jefe mold won't be done until the end of March but I figured you might want to see what a mold looks like. I will put up more on this.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

New Africa Footage and Photos.

Man Butt Bouncing Sucks...Not!
I have been so busy the last couple weeks that I haven't been able to post more about my trip to Africa but I have finally caught up so here is some new segments that I put together and a couple photos. The videos are a little big so they may take a minute.

More Nile Footage
Kayak The Nile Commercial

I also got some great shots from Tanya Shuman of Marlow Long and Whitney Lonsdale.

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