Saturday, August 09, 2008

The New stuff from Liquidlogic

Its show time ya'll! Almost as many kayaks in one place as Gauleyfest and a lot more people milling around kicking the tires on all the new stuff out here in Salt Lake City Utah.

First things first we haven't had a new playboat in a few years and I have started developing a new one for next year. Its called the Biscuit for several reasons. For one reason my dogs are named Biscuit and Tater I think some of you know them. Biscuit is, shall I say, high energy, and full of spring.

Another reason for the name is of course one of the favorite foods of the south, your down home basic butter biscuit. Delicious, light, fluffy and starting in Febuary they will be made fresh from scratch daily. And finally I just like the word, Biscuit, it just says goodness to me.

The Biscuit will come in three sizes, and all the stats are still prototype stats but right now we are looking at 6'3", 6'1", and 5'11" in lengths. 26, 25, and 24" in width. The volumes are close to 45, 55, and 65 gallons.

The design criteria is fairly simple and I have some time to work on it. The first round of testing went really well, in fact better than ever on the first try. There are still things I want to improve on but so far so good.

The thing is fast for the lengths, loose as hell, big pop off the wave, and lots of volume for loops, and its comfy, yeah I know a little much, but I am psyched so far there are some things that I will be working on to improve but i have time to get it exactly right.

I started the first proto earlier this year and spent a bunch of time paddling it out in Colorado. Marlow Long has been out paddling it all over Canada on the big stuff including lots of time out on the Buseater wave, and he also took it over to Skookumchuck, and we send a boat over to the UK as well for young master Piers Bucknell has been ripping it up as well. There isn't a ton of photos and videos yet but that will be on the way. Here are a few shots from the show and from the road there will be much more to follow.

The Outdoor Retail show is going really well except for the fact that theres lots of cool stuff to look at its pretty tough on the legs and throat to stand and talk kayaking for 6 days straight. Hope to see you all out there.

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