Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Remix XP not your normal kayak.

So if you have checked out the blog some you have seen that i like to do fun overnight trips with friends and family. The one I do fairly regularly is on the Chattooga river. Usually we just do two days and one night trip over about 16 miles. Ok so my point is we have now come out with a boat just for it.

The Remix XP

Woody is in love!

There are two sizes. A ten footer and a nine footer. The whole idea was to make a boat that folks can paddle whitewater well, but also work on the flats. It has a drop down skeg that makes the XP track super straight, and then you can flip it up out of the water and she then handles like a big whitewater boat. It also has a large storage hatch in the back and we are working on custom dry bags to pack her perfectly for overnighting. You can even get cup holders for this thing in the 24 and 12 oz. sizes.

The Drop Skeg

The 24 oz cup holder and spring loaded skeg lever! Yeah Baby

Here are a few shots from the Chattooga

The Show goes on Day 2
So if you are out there in your creek boat doing overnight stuff its like going backpacking but going out in the Remix XP is like car camping you can bring it all.
Woody and I tested her out a bunch on the Chattooga. Section 4 was never easier. Paddle the river and then flip down the skeg and cruise the lake. Awesome.

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