Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Day 2 of the Grand Canyon : BIG RED WALLS

Chuck likes fish.
The first day of the trip i was mostly just overwhelmed with getting all my crap together, getting to know the group a little bit, feeling the boat out with all the weight, and just settling into the idea that I was going to be out there for a while.

Yes that all fits in my boat.
Day two on the other hand I felt completely immersed in the Canyon.  The walls shoot up quickly, high enough that the whole feeling small thing kicks in hard and fast.  The rapids are not difficult but they are fairly consistent and fun through the "Roaring 20s".  Then we entered the Marble Canyon and the walls went vertical. The textures and colors are incredible and the immensity is incomprehensible, so I just tried to take pictures of it.  One of my favorite parts of the entire trip is passing along the stripes in the Marble Canyon walls here where they are smooth and nearly vertical, and running my hands along it as the current picks up speed.  Its that smooth and polished.

Polished smooth walls.
The size and reality of Redwall Cavern is just plain silly.  There is no photo that can show you but I will try with this one.  I have watched a concert, passed a football, and thrown a frisbee in this cavern and not even come close to being able to cover the distance either side to side or front to back with sounds or thrown objects.

Redwall Cavern
We paddled down to Mile 42 to a nice camp tucked into the cliffs called Buck Farm.  Up on the rim we could see snow.  It was a cold camp but the fire in the fire pan, and extra clothes in the sleeping bag made it work.  In the morning there was solid ice on the water buckets where we gather water to let the sediment settle out so drinking and cooking is a little less gritty.

Buck Farm Camp
Here are more photos from Day 2 in the Canyon.
We are in.


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