Monday, January 20, 2014

Day 1 of the Liquidlogic Self Support Grand Canyon Trip

The Storm that almost ended the trip. 
 This trip just about didn't happen for several of us this year.  Snow storms were moving across the country in many different regions which delayed, canceled, and forced lots of scrambling to make it to the Put In in time for check in with the Park Rangers.  Chuck had to buy a first class ticket to make the date.  Tom luckily ran into a counter agent who was from Flagstaff and knew all about the desire to make it to the river.  She managed to get him to the Flag airport just in time to meet the shuttle headed directly to the put in.  Woody had electrical problems on the road which left him a day later than he wanted to be but it all worked out we arrived at the Motel 6 in Flag got ourselves organized and loaded the rig headed for Lee's Ferry.

The 16 at the Lee's Ferry Put In

The group of 16 consisted of 8 first timers in the Canyon including a 6 pack from the Netherlands that made the trip just to be a part of it.  A handful with previous experience and a few with 5 or 6 self support trips in the bag.

Tanner's Wash

Standard operating procedure is that you arrive at the Put In the day before launch for inspection from the Rangers, then camp there, and go through orientation the morning of your launch.  Then push off. There are just a hand full of rapids in the first days section and a very cool eddie to catch at Tanner's Wash.  At mile 17 we arrive at House Rock Rapid and our first camp.

Below House Rock Rapid

House Rock Rapid Camp

10 things you do just about every day on a self support Grand Canyon trip.

1. Wake up before dawn because you failed number 10.
2. Pack up some of the things in your tent including something you need later that day.
3. Make some coffee and breakfast.
4. Pack up your tent and kitchen.
5. Use the Groover.
6. Pack your boat and try not to be last off the beach.
7. Run whitewater rapids. "Hey diddle diddle, right down the middle" are the only directions you need.  You might want to paddle a little left or right at some point.
8. Get to camp and set up.
9. Go for a hike.
10. Cook, try to stay up until 9pm, and fail.

My Kitchen for the next 12 Days


Here are all the Photos from Day 1.

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