Sunday, January 01, 2012

Driving to the Put In: Grand Canyon 2012!

Driving down to Flagstaff with the home team.
Well today we are driving up to the Put In for our trip through the Grand Canyon.  I was lucky enough to have my home team along for the ride and a quick glimpse at Monument Valley, and the South Rim so they could see where I was going to be for the next couple weeks.  It was a perfect day to drive down to Flagstaff and meet up with the river team.
My home for the next couple weeks.

It was great to see the team in Flagstaff for final packing and celebration of 3 New Years.  East Coast, Central, and Mountain.  I think the packing got a little sloppy in the end.  We'll see if we got it all on board.  Happy New Years Everyone!  See ya on the water.

Last minute packing on New Years Eve!

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