Monday, December 19, 2011

First Timers Always Try Harder

Garrett chillin in the backyard
Dennis taking himself too seriously as usual
Arlyn grinnin' ear to ear

Sometimes the best decisions are spontaneous.  Visualize your goal and find a way to make it happen.  The plan to paddle the Grand Canyon of the Colorado was hatched by myself and Dennis Gilfillan; sitting around the campfire at the Tallulah in November, less than a month ago.  Talk of ‘what if’ and ‘one day’ morphed into something more attainable when someone informed us of the call-in system that the NPS uses to award unclaimed launch dates.  I called Arlyn the next day- he was in.  On Monday afternoon, we secured a launch date of December 19th.  We had little more than three weeks to shuffle our feet, jump through some hoops, and make all the necessary preparations before putting on the river at Lee’s Ferry, 2000 miles away in the Arizona desert. 

We will launch three days from now and paddle roughly 280 miles to Pearce Ferry over the course of 14 days.  We will spend 13 cold beautiful nights under the desert sky in the bottom of the mile deep canyon.  We will do it all without the aid of rafts.  This will be the first time down the Grand for the three of us, and I couldn’t be more excited.  Thanks to all who have lent a hand to help make this a reality.  -Garrett

I am excited to hear these guys story because all too often these days when heading into missions like this one person in the group has experience with how it will all go down.  Some of my most cherished memories are when I have ventured into the adventure with open new eyes. I am sure they will come back with good stories. - Shane

All important Groover production!
Groover Wall in Place.  It fits!

The Groover Wall

Arlyn's craft for the mission

Here is a video about the "Groover".

words by: Garrett Thompson
pictures: arlyn agababian

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