Friday, July 29, 2011

We really wanted to change stuff up this year for the Outdoor Retail Show, so we called...Sam-o!

Shane and Sam-o! signing off sometime around midnight

This is going to be our 10th year at the Outdoor Retailer Show so we decided to have a little fun with our booth!  Just when we were trying to make a decision on what we should do to make the exhibit different I met Sam Ogden, an incredible artist just graduating from the UNC School of the Arts in Winston Salem, N.C..  I got to check out some of his work which ranges from graffiti and murals to set design and construction. The graphic murals that he had done immediately caught my eye and everybody at Liquidlogic and Native Watercraft was completely stoked with the idea of having our booth painted by Sam-o!  It was soo fun to watch the process.  I am sure it was a little nerve racking for Sam because most nights Woody, Bryon, Bill, Mike or I would be there just to watch it happening.   It was a good scene all around.  Let me set the scene... open warehouse space, white walls, many many many cans of spray paint, some pulsing electronic music, and a man with a plan.  

I will post more photos of the finished product after the show opens.

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