Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Design and Development of the Liquidlogic Stomper Creek Boat

Initial Stomper Model before Gelcoat
Its been a while since we (Liquidlogic) introduced a new extreme boat design.  I mean what are you going to do next, once you have the Jefe as your go to creek boat?  The answer is that we have done nothing for 6 years.  Few other creek boats have come close to the respect and accomplishments of that which has been normal and expected of the Jefe series.  So we came at this project with the knowledge that it was going to take a special boat to accompany the Jefe in our line as a legitimate design.  Let alone we have to face our team of paddlers when we say we are going to come out with a new boat.  John Grace, Tommy Hileke, Evan Garcia, and Adriene Levckencht are not gonna just let us come out with an average kayak as the next great thing.  They want it to be something special.

Ewwww Pretty!!

What we have come up with through lots of encouragement from paddlers all over the world is  The Stomper series.  Where the Jefe plugs and tracks The Stomper spins and carves.  The Stomper is an integration of the Jefe and the Remix.  It has an amazing combination of speed, and carving, with an added sense of confidence inspired stability and comfort.  The Stomper design is all about finding an ability to skip though big holes, maneuvering in technical water, and giving paddlers something they have never experienced in an LL design, a flat hulled creek boat.

Jefe on the Left, Early Stomper 80 proto on the right
This is the beginning of the story of its development.  Some of it is pretty and full of perfect lines... however some of its development is dark and horrible.  When you reach beyond, outside your comfort zone you find edges, and darkness.  When you decide to design a creek boat to compliment one of the greatest creek boat designs ever you have quite a task ahead of you.  The road is not clear however the testing is a lot of fun.  My desire is to post over the next two months a complete story of the development of the Stomper.

Adriene Stomping "Go Left" at 25"... Thats really really high!

The Stomper will be sold in two models.
Stompers will be shipping in Late July and August!!
I suggest you ask your dealer to get a demo in immediately.

Here are the basic specs.

Stomper 80
8'2" Long
25 3/4" Wide
15" Tall
110- 210 Paddler Weight
80 gallons
XL Cockpit

Stomper 90
8'6" Long
26 3/4" Wide
16" Tall
170- 270 Paddler Weight
90 gallons
XL Cockpit

Retail Price will be $1099

Here is to the hype!

And here is the slideshow of a bunch of photos.


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