Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Versa Boards on the Hiawassee River

Woody, Adriene, Maria, and I rambled over to Eastern Tennessee to take a trip down the Hiawassee river on Stand Up Paddle Boards.   The river was perfect for SUP, great sceneary, some whitewater, a little wildlife, and the water was cool because it comes from the bottom of a lake but it felt great on what was a really hot day.  We were joining a bigger group of SUP folks cruising the river.  It was the most people stand up paddling down a river that I had ever been a part of.   Awesome day.

Hanging on in the Island Rapid!

Surfing a huge gnarly wave on the Hiawassee!

Team V for Versa Board.

Here is a new radical trick I am working on for the Versa Board.  Thanks Maria

Here are a bunch of photos that Maria took of our trip.


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