Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mothers Day on the Coupes and Versa Boards

This past weekend I drove up to a friends house near Galax, Va. for a cool Mothers Day weekend with a couple families.  On one of the days we took boats out on the New River for some good family fun.  We had two first time Versa Board paddlers, a couple youngins in the Deuce Coupe with Mom, and an 8 year old out braving the river, rapids, and long horn cattle all on his own in the Coupe.  It was a great day.

I like being able to hand the Versa Board off to anyone knowing that they are going to have a great time.  Its a very confidence inspiring board.  Anyone can jump on, stand up, and take it for a spin without worrying about stability, tracking, or maneuverability.  The same is true of the Coupes and this weekend was a perfect test of that.  Maria jumped on the Deuce Coupe with her two chillins and was able to carry the whole posse easily.  At the same time Roman paddled where ever he wanted and controlled the Coupe easily all by him self.

Looking forward to another trip.

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