Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Liquidlogic Farmhouse

The Liquidlogic Farmhouse

In 2007 we moved our offices from the old farm house to consolidate our shop and offices at our original building.  As time has gone by we have done less shop work here in Hendersonville and moved more of those projects to the manufacturing plant in Greensboro North Carolina.  So the need for the shop has been less and less.  Yesterday we moved all the offices back in to the farm house, sometimes known as the Windy Knob.  This is the most pleasurable place I have ever worked.  The house sits up on a hill with a view of the horizon and blue ridge off in the distance.   At this location we are sitting directly on the Eastern Continental divide which is a whopping 2,013 feet, and we are a mere 5 minute drive to the put-in for the Narrows of the Green.  

The View from the house

There is how ever a darker side to this house.  The guy that lived here before we moved in was a hermit.  The neighbors didn't ever see him and the house was supposedly filled with things collected over the years.  The owner was excited to sell the house to us so they didn't have to deal with getting him out of the house.  The folks around the area said that he was a murderer, or criminal of some sort, probably no more criminal than we are.  It all went smoothly but we always wonder will he be back.  

Obie's Office

Soon after we moved in I was at the dentist office and the lady checking me in saw my van and knew that we had moved into the old farm house.  She said her parents had lived in the house for many years and had many haunted experiences.  With a totally straight face she told me about her parents being held down in bed by "nothing" while the lights went off and on.  Her parents also told her about trying to exorcise the demons by leaving a bible open to a particular place only to find it closed or on the floor in the morning.  As I was leaving she told me she was going to bring a photo by that was taken of the house long ago.  In the photo she said that you could see the ghost of a girl that had been murdered on the hill.  The house on the hill was even written about by Carl Sandberg who had a home in Hendersonville not far from here.

Steve and Woody's Office

When we first came to the house we decided to embrace the haunting.  We didn't try to exorcise the haunts we decided to party with them.  Not just in our own little ways.  We opened the house and hill to the Green Race Party, and Jerry's Baddle.  It seems the gremlins have decided that we are ok.


My office

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