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Bad Ass Outfitting by Liquidlogic Kayaks

We have had Bad Ass Outfitting in our kayaks for a quite a while now and the feedback has been phenomenal. It used to be that people just raved about the boats but now as much or more than any other feature people comment on the outfitting. I wanted to write a story about the outfitting because there are a couple questions that people ask that I would like to cover. While I am at it I'll just cover everything about the outfitting. If you have any questions let'em fly in the comments section.

Bad Ass Outfitting came out of a desire to make a seat for a kayak that would give you complete control, and total comfort. The idea came from looking at race car seats. They are one body contoured seat that keeps the driver in a performance driving position but is also comfortable enough that they can be in their cars for hours at a time. Other parts that we worked really hard on were making the outfitting easy to adjust and durable enough to take a beating. Because kayakers are impatient, and tough on their gear.

This whole presentation is done in a video at the bottom of the page or Click Here.

For those of your that like browning and stuff like that make sure to check the video at the bottom of the page. It is not LL condoned, it is ill advised, slightly profane, and somewhat hilarious and entertaining.

Bad Ass Outfitting in all its glory.

The picture above is to show the contoured seat, back band, and hip pad sections all combined together to give you completely outfitted feel with no gaps or openings that leave you wishing for more. The materials that we use in this outfitting are used in the auto industry because of their durability, UV resistance, draining properties, and comfort against the skin. The facing material is a spacer mesh that is very UV resistant. You can leave this material out in the sun and it won't break down or fade. The inside material which you can see in the photo below is a thicker 3 dimensional spacer mesh that gives it more cushioning properties. The seat cover itself has the facing material and a layer of the 3D spacer mesh sewn into it, add that to another layer of 3D spacer mesh on the backband and you have a very cush ride.

The Main Points for Bad Ass Outfitting Materials.
  • All one contour padded construction
  • UV resistant facing material
  • Quick draining mesh construction
  • Anti-microbial material, lets just say "less paddler stench" :)
  • Durability you can't rip, or tear this stuff.

Quick Access to the Back of your boat.

One of the largest issues that people bring up or try to sell against LL boats with the Bad Ass Outfitting is the ability to get into the back of our boats. What I want to do now is show you several options on how to get into the back of the boat. I think everyone will find once they know how to get in the stern of a Liquidlogic boat you will see that its easy. First thing as you can see in the above photo is that you take the back off the back band. It's held there by a hook and loop material.

Access to the back of your Liquidlogic kayak.

The Full Access Option
  1. Pull the back of the seat pad off the back band.
  2. Release the ratchets until the back band is all the way to the back of the cockpit rim.
  3. Lift the back band up and onto the back of the cockpit rim while continuing to release the ratchet. Presto magico, all the access you will ever need.

Quick Access Option

The Quick Access Option
  1. Push the back band back a couple inches.
  2. Push down and towards the front of the boat on the backband.
  3. It will fold down flat on the seat for access. A little forceful but quick.

The Easiest Option

The Easiest Option
  1. Pull the back of the seat pad off the back band.
  2. Loosen the ratchet all the way on one side of the backband.
  3. Pull the loosened side up and slide gear in under the back band.
  4. This is a quick an easy way to get access to one side of the stern.

Hip Pad Compartment

The other part of this whole system that is very cool is the ease with which you can adjust and place your hip pads just where you want them. The hip pad compartment is easily opened by pulling the material from the cockpit rim. It opens a pocket that takes the hip pads and shims to create a proper fit. One nice trick to placing them in exactly the position you would like them is using a piece of paper, index card, or post card from Grandma as a spacer behind the hip pad so it won't stick in place while you are trying to locate your pad. Then once it feels like its in the right place just pull the paper out and the pad sticks where you want it. This allows you to place your hip pads exactly where you want them while you are sitting in the boat.

The Paper Trick for locating your hip pad is easy to do while sitting in the boat

Hip Pad in place. Now just close the compartment.

The thigh braces are easily adjusted with just a couple turns of the screws under the outside edge of the cockpit rim next to the thigh braces. There are two screws that control the thighbraces so loosen each of them a couple turns. Then just move them where you would like and retighten the screws. This will give you more control over the feel of the thighbraces.

Loosen the screws just a couple turns if you loosen more you may take the screw all the way out of its threaded nut and that can be hard to fix.

The seat is also adjustable with a couple turns of the screws next to the seat. There is a screw on either side of the boat so make sure that you loosen both of those a couple turns then just move the seat where you want it, and retighten the screws.

Loosen the screws just a couple turns if you loosen more you may take the screw all the way out of its threaded nut and that can be hard to fix.

Here is a video that Woody put together covering the same things. There is more information on this video and its great to see the adjustments done in the video.

Woody Callaway talking about Bad Ass Outfitting

The below video is not condoned or approved by Liquidlogic :) However it is funny. There is poor behavior and some bad language but you gotta love the energy. Like I said don't watch it.
Fred Gnarquist talking about the Bad Ass Outfitting from a "younger" point of view.

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