Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Molds for the Biscuits have arrived.

The Biscuit Model

So this is the Biscuit just before it was sent away to the mold maker. After a couple months of work by the mold makers the molds have come back to us ready to rock and roll. The whole Legacy team jumped in to get these things going fast. There is a lot to figure out to get a boat into production. We spend a couple days making sure all the parts fit well, the logos are placed right, the thicknesses are to our spec, and the shape of the boat itself is what I am looking for in performance. As cliche as it sounds its like a new baby arrives in the plant. Everyone comes around to see how it looks and congratulations go all the way around the factory. So check it out. The first pictures. I will do better soon when I have good light.

The Biscuit Mold Comes In

Shiney on the Inside

Very Shiney

I Hate it when they drill holes in the mold with a big drill bit.

It Makes Me Nervous

First Couple Boats Clean The Mold and then...

The First Biscuit Pops Out


This is the 55. Its the middle size of three. 45, 55, 65



Yeah Baby Bad Ass Outfitting

Obie Can't Wait To Get It On The Water.

Anyway I thought you all would enjoy seeing the first ones built out of the mold.
We will have much more posted about them in the future.

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