Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Green and the Liquidlogic Shop from a French point of view.

I know I put too much stuff up about the Green, but hey its fun. If you saw the post just before the Green Race you will remember Eric "the slalom racer" Deguil. He came into town for the race and stayed for 10 days or so. The trip went something like this...Fly from Europe, then take a 9 hour bus ride from Atlanta to Asheville (aaaaaahhhhh!). When I picked him up and I could see it in his eyes that he already had some incredible cultural experiences on the road so I figured I would contribute to the delinquency of a Euro. We went straight to Krispy Kreme and then on to the Green where he proceeded to do a double (two trips in a day). He then did a double every day for the week leading up to the race except the day before. It was a rest day after all. Then he came in third in the race, and won the short boat class. There was a costume party, and of course the Green Race party, we went to barbecue, we taught him how to say ,"HELL YEAH", and other phrases I won't mention. All in all I think he got a completely skewed view of the U.S..

During his stay Eric was taking video and he promised me he would send me something later. I got an email a couple weeks after he left. It said, "I kill my computer with video". I was thinking oh well no video from Eric, but just today I got this in an email.

Enjoy the Green and the Liquidlogic office and shop from a French point of view.
Oh by the way I have no idea what he says in the video.
So I am sure the joke is on me. Sorry for any horrific slurs or language unfitting a kayaker.

Here is the original video that I did before the race just in case you really needed to waste time.
Remember there are a couple bad words on this one so turn down the volume if your parents are walking by or you are at work.


Getting Ready for the 2008 Green Race from Shaneslogic on Vimeo.

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