Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Paddling the Chattooga with my bro and his kids.

Whitewater Warriors

Just spent the last weekend with my brother and his family. We checked the levels on the Chattooga and...uh .49 not normally a level that we would head over there but we were hoping that it would be a perfect thing for the kids. Otter the oldest is just starting to run rivers so low low water was perfect for him. The rest of us were paddling duckies or the Remix XPs to carry gear. Since it was sooo low we decided to do the 76 Bridge to Woodall section and then camp at Woodall shoals. Its a short hike up to the parking lot from Woodall so the youngest could sleep in the camper and the older kids could do a camp out down by the river. Which makes for a big adventure.

Pete packing up the Remix XP

The Big Toe Paddle

Surfing Rapid

My Bro and the Juice Box Hero

At .49 its not the rapids or dangerous rocks that are an issue. Its all about not getting stuck, and keeping the kids happy and stoked on what they were doing. So it was juice boxes all around after Screaming Left Turn. I have to admit this was a first for me. I also haven't paddled a river and stopped to play in the sand and hunt for gems either, but it seemed to be the way things were going. Another stop after Rock Jumble for snacks and we were practically home free. The flat stretch from there down to Woodall was full of fish so there was lots of fish finding going on as we drifted our way down.

Ducky Patrol

Ahhhh Soy Chocolate!

Oh yeah thats the spot.

Bustin' The Whitewater

The whole family on the river

The Woodall take out was a perfect kids playground and easy for the adults. We cooked up some meat on a stick, and corn on the cob, while the kids played all evening and into the next day. In fact it was so perfect we just stayed and Otter said, "Are we having a layover day?" At Woodall there is an area that runs during high water that forms a perfect lagoon at lower water that is constantly fed fresh water from the main channel. Its totally protected and has a sandy beach, tiny waterfall, and large rock features to climb all over. So lots of swimming, paddling, and exploring ensued.

Ok you can have whatever you want.

Fun during the "layover day".

Big Bro and Lil Sis

Fire Dance!

All in all it was the perfect trip for this crew. Because it was sooo low the water was plenty easy for all the craft and paddlers. Beautiful warm days, cool sleeping weather at night, I love the fall.


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