Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Green Race is Almost Here!

Thinking About Gorilla

I went out last weekend and shot a bunch of video of folks talking, paddling, scouting, being nervous, and firing it up on the Green in anticipation of the 13th annual Green Race. It was a hilarious day because you could feel the energy in the air. Folks were ready to talk.

Pink Helmet he must be a slalom boater.

This years race seems like it will be exciting for several reasons. One reason being the water levels this year are lower than we have ever seen for the race. Gorilla is pretty exciting and folks are trying to decide if they are going to nut up and run it or not. There have been many exciting runs including folks venturing out on the veil for rain shower rides. This Green Race also has many different folks looking fast. There are rumours about several behind the scenes paddlers ripping fast lines, and as always the well knowns are pushing the limit on how fast you can make it down the course.

 Not the desired race line.

Flying into Go Left
Freestyle Speedtrap
 First Timer Firing it Up, Yeah Suzana!

Tonight we have Greenoween at the Brew n' View. I think the costume contest is going to be tightly contested. I have heard about a lot of good costumes and many folks doing the same costumes. How many Colonel Dicks, Rock Stars, Birthdays, Frankenstiens, and Brides will there be? You better bring it if you want to win the boat. Should be a fun night hopefully I can get some good shots of the outfits.

Depends on How Cold It Is

Well anyway enjoy the video and there are a few strong words used in this video so if you are at work turn down the volume.

Getting Ready for the 2008 Green Race from Shaneslogic on Vimeo.

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