Monday, June 09, 2008

Traveling to Colorado with a stop off at Big Sur.

Yep I am in Colorado now helping out with the Teva Mountain Games. Unfortunately I lost some photos of the North Fork of the Payette. We had a long weekend up there doing the Giant Slalom on the North Fork, Surfing the Bladder Wave, Warming up on the lower 5, and then having a kick ass time on the full North Fork at close to 3000 cfs. It had been so long since I had done that I completely forgot how much fun that was.

This slide show below is traveling to Colorado and surfing Big Sur. The dogs love traveling and of course we had a flat tire. John Grace was editing the next episode of Lunch Video Magazine while were on the road and sure enough when we got into Colorado my brother told me that Big Sur was running and we should go check it out. It was a perfect Remix wave. We busted out the paddle twirls, hand surfing, back surfing and cross overs. It was awesome. I hadn't ever surfed Big Sur before. Its like surfing a legend. I had seen videos since I was a kid of folks surfing the wave, so it had to be done and it was sweet.

Next will be some Colorado creeking. Including an awesome trip down Gillman Gorge at a good flow.

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