Friday, June 06, 2008

Surfing the Bladder Wave in Idaho

Adrienne on the Bladder Wave in Beautiful Idaho

Well I made it out to Idaho. It took about 36 hours to get to Boise from Hendersonville N.C. where I met up with Woody, and John Grace. We hung out at Idaho River Sports with the crew there for the morning and then headed up to the river. I had surfed the bladder wave way back in the day we're talking '95 maybe. So in honor of that Woody and I busted out the Remixes to do a little long boat surfing.

Woody Remixin' It

Woody was lovin' the Remix. He was out there taking 5 minute rides while we were trying bust moves. The wave was awesome. It had a nice pile a majority of the time and then it would completely green out.

Yours Truly Surfing the Wrong Way

If you haven't heard of the bladder wave you would never believe it but this wave is made by a rubber inflated dam. It only runs when the water is high and even then its a little iffy on it running or not. Its a 10 foot diameter air bladder tube that inflates and deflates. It was deflating at night. Rumour had it to flush sediment from behind the damn and then it would inflate in the morning and the wave would appear. It was really cool. The damn didn't completely block the flow it sort of sloshed around for an hour and then it settled into having a majority of the flow going around one side and creating the wave. If you are lucky enough to be around when its in check it out.

The Dogs Watching the Action

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