Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Setting up the Video Zip Line on Homestake Creek

After surfing Big Sur we had to run up to Homestake Creek and set up the zip line so John and Brady could shoot video of the event from the wire above the racers. It was super cool. Hanging from a climbing harness zipping down the wire gave an awesome shot as folks ran the last and hardest four drops of the race.

In the slide show are shots of Brady and John Grace zipping, and Devin Morton and Adrienne practicing the race lines. Devins been paddling a Chico for a while and looked great on Homestake and oh thats right he's 14. Here is a link to a blog that he and his dad put together of his travels. It was super cool to meet him after seeing all his paddling exploits. He's in the white Chico and Adrienne is in the green Remix 59. Theres also a shot of Fergus Coffee lining up the last two drops he's in a Jefe Grande. Oh I also got a shot of a very cool bridge over the Eagle river just before you get to Homestake and an overall shot of the race section of Homestake.

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