Friday, June 20, 2008

Congratulations to Adriene on making the US Freestyle Team for the World Cup in Europe and have you ever seen the Hooligan Race at Fibark?

Two weeks ago Adriene learned how to do a loop and this past weekend she used it to make the US Freestyle Team. Though occasionally she is known to say bad stuff about playboating she is all about going to Europe to compete. Good Luck Adriene!

Here is a direct quote from Adriene. Lets get this Oh Be Joyful race done in one day so I can go to Glenwood and surf!

I also put up a bunch of fun photos of the Hooligan Race in this slideshow. This is a spectacle of epic proportions. Thousands of people watching people with homemade water craft trying to navigate a good little wave hole and not really trying to do it well.


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