Saturday, June 14, 2008

Big Water on Upper Death and the Barrell Springs Rapid

After the Teva Mountain Games we dropped down to Glenwood to hang with my brother and some old friends. You may know a couple of them... Dan Gavere, Clay Wright, Arndt Schäftlein, Nikki Kelly, Tanya Faux, and then there were the young bucks, Tommy Hileke, John Grace, Pat Keller, Adriene, etc, blah blah blah. We did a couple runs on the Barrel Springs section of the Colorado and we surfed a bunch at the new Glenwood wave which was awesome. We had a great time hanging out and tossing through big water.

Tommy, Pat, and Geoff all dropped into Upper Death. Which was a very steep rapid with 9000 cfs going through it. It wasn't getting stuck in the hole that worried folks it was the being thrown up on the blasted rock shore. All the boys came through very well. Pat got slapped over near shore but styled it, Geoff got swallowed but aced it and Tommy disappeared but popped up all good. It was very impressive to see.

Then we all went on down to the Barrell Springs rapid it was so fun to be out on water moving that fast. We went down in a big group so it was boats everywhere and the stories at the bottom of the rapid in the eddie were hilarious. I think everyone ran a different line yet all the stories sounded the same. "I got tossed by this huge wave and had scramble out the edge of this huge hole, and ran half the rapid on my head". It was awesome.

Best of all was hanging with some folks I haven't seen in a long time. Slide show below of the day.

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