Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Big Water on Gillman Gorge

After the Homestake race we did a run on Gillman Gorge. Its the first time I had done that and we had a fun group. Tommy, John, Pat, Adrienne, Geoff and Myself. The water was high. I don't know exactly what the level was but it was fun and it reminded me of a small North Fork of the Payette. It was pretty continuous and good roller coaster fun. It seemed to me there were 6 or 7 significant rapids. A couple long rompy roller coaster rapids and a few big drops.

This run was really fun but had some major Colorado mank factor with a road on one side and railroad tracks on the other you could pretty much count on the rocks being rough. I was thankful the water was high so that we didn't have to interact with them too much.

The highlights for me were Fall Creek Rapid, There was a cool one with a giant curler off the left shore, and Slurry Pipe Rapid which is just above the take out. Slurry was a big mess of a rapid but it had this sweet boof into a maelstrom that just begged to be run. The funny part is that we all got so fired up about the big move we didn't necessarily scout the lower part of the rapid as well as we should have. I got a nice fat back ender in a hole that I hadn't even noticed down stream.

Big Bluebird Kavu day in Colorado it was a nice change after 35 degrees, snow, and rain for the Homestake race.

Here is the slideshow.

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