Thursday, February 07, 2008

John Fuller

Hey Everybody
I was down at the factory not too long ago and I ran into John Fuller. He is the lead whitewater boat molder. He runs the huge oven that spins and cooks all our boats. He also does special graphics, and assembly as well, and I thought It was really cool to have someone that actually paddles right there at the oven making our boats. He has been paddling for 18 years, and making kayaks for 8. His favorite runs are the Watauga and Big Creek, but he also gets around for his paddling fix. Hes done the Grand Canyon, paddled in Colorado, Canada, he's done a paddling trip to Costa Rica, and of course Woody and I see him up here on the Green regularly as well. He worked for another company for a while and then joined up with Legacy and Liquidlogic when they got started and we started molding our boats there. John has also been paddling with his son for a long time. They started off when he was 5 in a topo-duo but now John is starting to get him into his own boat. So he has been super psyched to see the small boats that we are putting out now.

John Putting in the Liquidlogic Logos.

I took some photos of John in action... at the oven. You can see he is working on the Jefe Chico and doing the graphics work on the new special flame or "chopper" graphics. If you haven't seen how a kayak is made you can check out some videos on my Video Archive Page
Just scroll down the video list and there is a section on most things about making kayaks, how boats are shaped, molded, assembled, and of course tested (redneck testing at its finest).

I just wanted to give him props because he is doing a great job and its awesome to have a paddler making the boats we paddle. Everyday he's there making sure we are putting out the best kayaks in the industry, because if he doesn't he is going to hear about it from his buds in the eddie.


Here are some shots of John in action.

Pouring in the plastic.

Opening up the mold to see the brand new boat.

Popping the new boat.

There is the new gold boat.

A shot of the fellas putting in the new flame "chopper" graphics and a new chopper graphiced Jefe Chico.

Voila! New Jefe Chico with Flames.

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