Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Ender is Back!

Hey Everybody

I was out on the Gauley during the festival and I decided to paddle the large Remix. We just went down a short bit to a spot we used to do enders, cartwheels and all that back in the day and now we actually are working on all the new stuff as well. I can't remember the name of the spot but its perfect for learning just about any hole move. But there i was in a big boat. I wasn't going to throw any Phonix Monkeys so i decided to line it up and try to spin a good pirouette. It took me a few tries but within a short while the old skills were coming back. I eventually found a pretty sweet spot and spun one of the biggest and smoothest 720s I have done in, oh lets see, 10-15 years. It was awesome.
Boyce gave me a shot in the Remix and it reminded me of some other classic enders of which I have photos.
So here is a journey back through 20 plus years of pirouettes.

Please excuse the goofy faces and don't forget to check out the funny progression through gear.


Flipper on the Ocoee. The classic old school ender spot.

Frank Belll's Another Classic Southeast Spot. My first Ender was here.

Ender in front of the Tres Monjas on the Futaleufu.

One of the best ender spots in the world. Top Wave to Hell Hole on the Ocoee River.

Yeah the Ocoee again but this move is soooo good.

20+ years later on the Gauley. Everthing old is new again.

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