Friday, June 16, 2006

Hawaii Sur Rhone with Pat and Anthony

Standard Pat Air

So after a quick tour of Colorado it was off to France for the Lyon River Festival and a little paddling in the French Alps. Kayak Session Magazine along with Canoe and Kayak Magazine France have put on the Lyon River Festival 3 times now and every time it gets better and better. This is so much more than a freestyle event. You have seen the photos of the huge ramp. There is also a skate competition, a multi sport race, and a funky rides area for kids supposedly. But all the kayakers were in on the trampoline machine.

The Boys Hanging Out on Hawaii Sur Rhone

These guys were head and shoulders above the competition during the week. Obviously there are folks throwing moves as hard but these guys are doing it almost every ride, both throwing super complex moves and sticking them. Unfortunately the water dropped out for the event so the fellas weren't able to show their latest moves during the event. However it was a great time and now that I say that the winning ride still included a Pan Am a Back Blunt and an Airscrew so in fact the wave was still really good it just wasn't the Hawaii Sur Rhone that we hoped to see. There was a great crowd there both days. Huge party Saturday night and then the water came back up on Monday which made for more good boating.

Here is a video of the first day hanging with these guys.
First Day on Hawaii Sur Rhone, Click It

Pat and Anthony did updates during the event here is the link to the Playak page with the updates. You may need to sign up on playak to make it work for you.
Link to Pat and Anthony's Event Update Videos, Click It

Next will be a few river updates from the French Alps.
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