Friday, June 02, 2006

Day 9: Clear Creek

Cross River Loop

Don from Confluence gave us a call and told us we should check out the Lawson hole before we left Colorado, and Woody and I hadn't really done a ton of playboating while we were out here so we figured, Why Not? While we were at it we added in the class 3-3+ run downstream as well.

Woodys First Cartwheels in a Hole

We played in the hole for a while seeing what the CR would do in a hole for Don and Woody and then worked our way downstream on the Clear Creek run from Lawson hole to the first Idaho Springs exit. Its a little wierd to keep track of where you are on a river by the exit signs on the highway right next to you.

Woody Ducking the Tunnel

The first thing we came to was a small tunnel. We went for it it was actually pretty fun. After that the river turned into very continuous class 3 and 4. It was really fun water but there were some sharp rocks and a few sticky holes that you had to pay attention to.

One of Many Continuous Parts

Woody Surfin It Up

Last Rapid of the Day

Here is the video of the day.
Clear Creek, Click It


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