Monday, March 27, 2006

Pat Just Got Back From N.Z. and Uganda

Pat left the great white north of the Ottawa River which is still locked in somewhat with ice so that he could thaw out his bones on the west coast of New Zealand and the White Nile of Uganda. New Zealand is such an awesome place to go because of so much good paddling and the surroundings are completely surreal. Lots of crystal blue, green, glacier water. Big Glaciers with crumbling faces just off the road and miles of beach with good breaks as well. Pat and Ben Brown threw some photos my way of thier time in N.Z. as well as Africa.

You have all seen shots from the Nile in Africa by now but Ben shooting these sweet shots and Pat are an amazing combo. Thanks to Ben Brown for the photos to use and Pat for ripping the way he does.

Pat is doing some really cool backwards moves out of a spin right now. I know there are cool names for this but I am less concerned with the names and more psyched to see the play moves constantly moving forward, or backwards as it would be.

Going Large.

This is the craziest looking drop. It just isn't right. It looks just horrendous but pretty much everyone seems to go through. Sometimes with big downtime, sometimes swimming but everyone seems to go through.

Thanks Pat and Ben for the awesome shots.

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