Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The New LL Hip Pads

We are really excited about the new hip pad system. We have been working on it for quite a while trying to make it simple and bomber. We didn't want it to be some gimicky system. There are no inflatable bladders, no neoprene or elastic sleeves that slip around, just a couple screws and some velcro. We wanted something that was very durable, easy to use, and extremely adjustable.

All you need is the same screwdriver you use to adjust the seats and thighbraces in our boats to loosen up the pads, release the velcro on top of the pad, and then you are ready to adjust up and down, forward and back, or twist so that you can get a super custom fit.

If you need to tighten the fit, or make the hip pads bigger, you can slip shims in behind the hip pads by just loosening the hip pad a little, you don't need to take the screws all the way out, and slip more shims in behind the the pad.

I like to get in the boat and make sure the pads feel right. Once I have them positioned how I want them I mark the spot with a marker. That way once I jump out of the boat I can make sure that I have them in the right place. Then just tighten down the screws and pull the velcro into place. I think at that point you will be hard pressed to find a more adjustable, simple, and durable set of hip pads in the industry.

Here is a link to the video of how they work.
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