Monday, January 23, 2006

First River Run in the Cross RIvers

I have been blabbing the last few posts about getting the CRs into production at the factory. Now its time to start showing them on the river.
Woody, Rob and I took off the for the Nolichucky the day I got back with the first production CRs. The level was a nice 3500 and it was 50 degrees in January. Can't beat that.

You all know Woody, but you might not know Rob. He is the brother of our president at Liquidlogic. He just recently moved to Asheville from Rhode Island so he could do some more paddling. Rob has been doing a bunch of creeking down here but hasn't ever been in a playboat so it was cool to see that the CR 125 was easy to handle for him.
Woody - 6'4", 240, 34" inseam, size 12 dogs. CR 250
Rob - 6'1", 175, 33" inseam, size 11 feet. CR 125

It was really nice to get in the production boat and know that we put together an awesome boat. The new foot cone and foot foam were super comfy. Hell Woody paddled the whole river barefoot just because he could. He kept saying, "dude my feet are even warm". The new hip pads are awesome. A screw driver and you can adjust and secure your hip pads completely bomber. No more loose hip pads. They don't slide, lose air, come unglued, or only sit in one place. I am nearly as excited about the new outfitting as I am about the new boats.

Woody and I will get the final production stats on the CRs up on the web as soon as possible.
Here is the video of the day running the Noli.
Cross Rivers on the Noli Video Link, Click This

Here is a link to more photos, videos, and words and stats about the CRs.
Cross River Page Link, Click It

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