Wednesday, January 11, 2006

CR Molds are in the Factory!

I love the smell of new alluminum. The new Cross River molds showed up at the factory the other day and I have been working on getting them ready for production. Its always awesome to see the new molds because they are so shiny and new. The 125 and the 250 are both up now. It usually takes a couple weeks to get the molds all broken in and running smoothly. Just like a good pair of shoes. Thats why we aren't promising to ship any boats until Feb. 1st.

If you haven't seen how boats are made you should look at these video links.
How Kayaks are Molded
How Kayaks are Built #1
How Kayaks are Built #2

Lots of folks have been asking about the CRs and when they were coming so I figured I would show you what is going on. I will try to post pictures of the first outfitted boat on Friday.

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