Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Bozo on the Green: 200%

So you all know the new team member. He hadn't done much creeking in the southeast so he was super stoked to get a run in on the Green and what better time than when we have a nice juicy level. It was 200%. We had a great safety crew. Andrew Holcombe, Nate Elliot, Amos, Johnnie "Utah" and myself were watching out for Bozo and Daniel Dela, and Mefford were out getting the shots.

First off this is documentation of the first complete descent of the Green at 200% by an inflatable personality
There was one problem though, Bozo is HOLE BAIT. For starters he doesn't use his hands much less a paddle. Secondly he just goes where ever the hell he wants to. Hes not used to the power of the Green at 200%, so we had our hands full. Problems started at the very first rapid. He surfed in Bride, and then almost pinned and went under an undercut in Frankenstien.

He started to get it together after those close calls and had some pretty decent lines through Boof or Consequences, and Go Left. But after that all hell broke loose. Bozo got a little shakey coming into Zwick's and got surfed big time in the middle hole. I jumped out at quickly as I could so that maybe I could keep him from swimming, because that would suck, but he managed to play his way out of that hole and catch the eddie below before washing into Chiefs and potentially Gorilla. We were all a little on edge after that.

I think the tension over Bozo seemed to affect people becaues lines through Gorilla were't that great. Andrew surfed the first slide hole, Daniel flipped below the drop, and Johnnie Utah tried all the options on his run. After all that a few of us walked.
Now this is where Bozo really started to piss off the group. I mean he had all that trouble through the top of the run and he was out scouting Gorilla like he was going to run it. Daniel of course was egging him on because he always wants carnage footage. Mefford, Nate, and Andrew are like dude this rapid will always be here you can come back and get it another day. But Bozo just looked over at them and smiled and fired it up.

It was not a good thing. He didn't have enough speed coming into the notch and backendered over onto his head and went over the drop upside down. I am sure that he hit his head because he never even tried a roll. Then he flushed down through the slides and just got pummeled in the bottom hole, Nies's Pieces. It was a full on yard sale. But as is the custom everything ends up in the happy place, the river right eddie above Powerslide. This is where I really have to hand it to him he really showed me some guts. He got his stuff together and got back on the water and fired up the rest of the lines including the left line at Sunshine. I mean you have to give him credit he wasn't scared thats for sure. I don't think I could have even got back on the river after what happened to him.
Here is the video from the day.
Bozo on the Green 200%

Big thanks to:
Andrew, Nate, Amos, Johnnie, Mefford, and Daniel for all thier help.

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