Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Cross River models are off the the Mold Maker!

Well for me the big story is finally finishing these boats. Its a long process of designing, building, testing, redesigning, etc... and its great but it is also great to finish the project and ship the plugs away to the mold maker. The last 4 weeks has been 10-12 hour days completing all the tiny details in the boat like detail lines, security bar recesses, cockpit rim, thighbrace, and seat recesses, etc... Basically means I get really dusty and don't paddle quite as much as I would like to, but I certainly can't complain.

Anyway there isn't anything more relieving than loading those plugs in the box and sending them away to the mold maker. My job on those boats are done and I can start a new project.
The molds will be done in a few months and the CRs will start shipping in Feb.
I will keep updating our progress and see you on the river.
Here are some videos of the CRs in action including a new one of Pat Camblin taking the 125 for a spin.
There are also movies about designing a kayak, and making kayaks on the side bar over there. ------------->
Cross Rivers on the Ottawa, Click Here!
Cross Rivers on the Green, Click Here!
Pat's First Surf in the CR, Click Here!
P.S. Thanks to Woody for helping me load those plugs up in the truck.

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