Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Winners of the LL Ultimate Hook Up Video Contest!

So I started showing the videos at Gauley Fest. I had just about finished showing them all when total chaos fell upon the booth but that is another story and I hope there isn't any video or photos of that. All I can stay is the LL booth stayed packed for most the night and it was a very fun evening.
This year was so much harder than last year. We had so many good entries put in this year. I didn't know what to do. There were 3 or 4 strong entrants in each category and I didn't know where to start but after thinking about hard on the drive home and most of yesterday here is what we have come up with.

The Finalist in Creeking Were
Montana Video, Click This!
This video is chock full of good footage. Some very hard stuff run. Well put together, and I liked the music. The only thing I would say I negative is that I wish there was something more than just whitewater porn. There were also a couple shots that were over exposed. Since it is so close I have to look at everything. I like the endless search part of it.
Northwest Invitation, Click This!
This is a very clean production. Obviously somebody has some nice equipment in this group. Very slick, nice LL logo, nice shots. They are calling us out on not being out there paddling and representing more. The only thing I would say is that the shots used were shots we have all seen a million times, except the angle they used on Spirit Falls that was sweet.
River Pigs, Click This!
River Pigs is another super slick production. The interview was different and the guys accent makes it really different. I have to say there might have been a little too much talking and not enough paddlling. The shot of the double falls was awesome. That is a great shot. I wish there was a little more paddling.
Between Swims, Click This!
Between swims is a nice humble look at running the hard stuff. Because we are all inbetween swims. I like it.

The Finalists in Freestyle Were:
Small Town Boys, Click Here!
Awesome playboating. A few locations that I haven't seen. I like throwing in different things like the jumps that are rediculous and the seal launch, as well as the playboats running some big water. The Music was a little weak though boys.
Brendan Garvey, Click This!
This video was hard to place because it had alot of everything. I liked the music a ton mixed with the old movie effect.
There was good playboating, and some creeking. Rumour has it this boat was sent in for warranty? That seems a little iffy. Especially if its the boat in that last shot. The only thing I would say about this video is that I have seen alot of these places many times before. So I hope to see new angles when I do see them again.
Guillaume The Canadian, Click Here!
Guillaume is hands down one of the sickest C boaters in the land. I liked the use of many different playspots. The editing was tight with the music. I liked the photos, night shots, ramp mixed in. The music was almost really good but got annoying. However it sounded original which I think is very cool.

The Finalists in Humour Were:
Avid Kayaker Video, Click Here!
I have said it from the beginning. This video rocks. Music is perfect. The guy is goofy as hell, and the editing is great.
The only thing I would say is I wish there were more stunt shots like falling into the tree. I cry everytime I see that.
Searching For Water, Click Here!
Another very proffessional video. Very well edited. Funny voice over. Beautiful shots. The Sand Monsters Got Away?
This video is very creative. I really like that.
Team Class 10, Click This!
Team Class 10 another super funny video. This is probably the hardest category for me because I liked all of these so much.
I laughed my ass off with this one as well. I didn't think the beginning titles fit with the rest of the video very well. After the titles this video rocks.

The Winners are:

Northwest Invitation, Click This!
Small Town Boys, Click Here!
I couldn't decide between these two. So they both win.
Avid Kayaker Video, Click Here!
Team Class 10, Click This!

Between Swims, Click This!

If you are one of the winning teams give us a call here at LL and ask for Shane or Jill.

I have to tell you all that this year the contest was awesome. The videos that were sent in were incredible. I love getting my mail in the morning and seeing good fun with kayaks with a cup of coffee. I can't wait till the videos start coming in for next years contest. I hope to keep making it bigger and better.

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