Thursday, September 01, 2005

Taking the New LL Boats for a Spin.

Just before leaving to head up to Canada for some playboating I took a trip down the Green with the local boys. Nate Elliot, Daniel Dela, and Tommy jumped into the CRs decided they were going to really see if they could run a river. So the first real river run for proto number 4 was the green at 200%.
Now you might say to yourself so what these guys have run it a million times. But still its the Green at 200%. After the trip Daniel proceded to take the CR down the Green everyday for the rest of the week. He was addicted. The final day he did 5 runs down the Green in one day in the CR. He said he still felt really comfortable running the river, and it made everything so much more fun. Here is a video from the first day.
Cross Rivers on the Green
Later Shane

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