Friday, September 30, 2005

The Newest Thing in Multi Day Whitewater Paddling

I had put this together a little while ago. Its a video of almost the entire Liquidlogic Staff doing an overnight trip on the Chattooga. Its a 7 minute video of the trip. Its 15mbs and is pretty fun to watch I think. It also introduces the folks behind the scenes at LL. Missing are Woody who you all know, and Debbie who takes care of all of us at LL.
Sarah Ashworth is the President of Liquidlogic. She has been paddling for a while including whitewater, and teaching sea kayaking. She is a nervous class 3 paddler, but loves to get out there. This was her 2nd time down section 3 it was 2.0 ft.
Jill has been in customer service forever and is one of the most excited people about paddling that I know.
Elliot is our newest addition to customer service. She came from one of our retail stores. Rock Creek in Chattanooga.
You know Johnnie, Whitney, Maria, and Myself.
Steve Jordan is in charge of sales and has been in the industry forever. He has paddled all over and is paddling the CR 125 proto in this video.
Beaz is an old friend of ours. Who had just returned from helping with relief in India from the Tsunami.
Nick and Dominique are Maria's family. Whitney and I have been paddling with those guys for the last 12+ years.
Youngblood was just checking out whitewater for the first time. How about that second day on whitewater he runs second ledge, pretty cool.

Anyway enough of that. I just thought it would be fun video for you all to check out.
So instead of the age old debate of hole boat versus wave boat how about a whole new category.
Whitewater Touring.
Whitewater Touring with Liquidlogic!

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