Tuesday, September 20, 2005

More Vids For the LL Video Contest

The Contest is heating up. There are now quite a few entries. If you entered but your video isn't up here I will do my best. I am putting up the best videos and the ones that are in quicktime. It is a little bit of a mission to convert them. Check them all out and let me know what you think. Woody and I have the final say on who wins but we will take some voting into consideration. Its not hard to tell who is seeding the vote. You know who you are. I like it. Makes it fun all around.
Great videos everybody.

These guys put in a video last year and won the creeking segment of this contest and they are trying to get the top honors.
Another very good entry this year. We will just have to wait to see how they do.
Montana Video, Click This!

Between swims is a great flick. Nice shots and as the title says a couple swims.
Between Swims, Click This!

Nice one team class 10. Remember that time?
Team Class 10, Click This!

This is a very high end video. Very nice footage and very well put together. Super clean, super slick.
River Pigs, Click This!

A little stab at us for not representing up in the Northwest enough. Nice video also. This is getting harder by the video.
Northwest Invitation, Click This!

Brendan Garvey stopped by and dropped off a video. Its a really nice mix of footage from a few different years. Including some recent tough lines and nice playboating.
Brendan Garvey, Click This!

Again keep checking all the vids and sending in your votes for the winners in the 4 categories.
LL Forum Click This!

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