Monday, September 19, 2005

More Liquidlogic Video Contest Entrants

The past week I probably recieved 20 new videos. Here are more of those entries. I think you will like all of these. They range all around 10mbs so if you are a slow hook up don't do it. Some movies made load completely before they play be patient.

The first video is from Quebec and this guy rips. He is a C-1 paddler that is really out there doing the latest stuff but with a single blade. Check it out.
Guillaume The Canadian, Click Here!

Here is a video of a awesome young paddler, Chan Jones. Looks like he caught some good water this year. Very well edited and put together video.
Chan Jones Video, Click Here!

What would an LL video contest be without a Foam boat video. This time he is running the $#!@%^%$&$@!^%$*&).!
Foamie Video, Click Here!

Gus for Bubba is a sweet creeking video shot in the Southeast and in Colorado. Another tightly edited piece.
Gus For Bubba, Click Here!

Will sent this video in from Afghanistan. Which I beleive was shot in Tajikistan and I am sure I mispelled both of these.
Kind of a scary video and the whole thing just brings up more paddling hazards like automatic weapon fire and is that a throw bag they are throwing at you.
Kayakistan Video, Click Here!

Last but not least the Avid Kayaker. I have to admit I was a little worried when this first popped on the screen but I ended up laughing my ass off. It is a sweet video with awesome us of alternative water sources.
Avid Kayaker Video, Click Here!

You all can have a big impact on who wins this video. Woody and I are deciding on the winners this week and would love your input. Put you vote in on the forum. I will put up a discussion topic.
Liquidlogic Forum, Click Here!

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