Thursday, September 22, 2005

LL Contest Videos VOLUME 5 9/22

So the videos keep coming. I am trying to keep up. Trying to put them all up but I can convert them. I am wallowing in videos but the best are getting up there and a few aren't but I will have them at the fest. Woody and I are working on it. Deciding. We understand that this is paddling livelyhood. We know that your creeking, playboating futures may rely on this decision. We are taking it very seriously. Here are a few more that we found entertaining.

Andy Hill a young ripper from the north land sent this in. I don't think he has been paddling very long at all and look at what he is doing. Can't wait to see what he is doing in a few more years. Nicely done.
Big Fish Video, Click This

Rumours is a creeking vid with lots of good footage. Its one of the many awesome creeking vids this year. What the hell are we going to do this year in the creeking category.
Rumours Video, Click This

Will brought out the stage props early in this video. Mostly filmed on one location gotta respect that. Isn't trying to blow us away with location just paddle illustration.
Will Video, Click This
check them out.

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