Friday, September 16, 2005

A Few Contenders for the LL Ultimate Hook Up Video Contest!

The first one is super creative and very well put together. Not a paddling video but fun to watch.
Searching For Water, Click Here!

Bodaboda is a foreign vid with footage from Hawaii Sur Rhone and The White Nile in Uganda.
Bodaboda, Click Here!

Small Town Boys is a great playboating video with some great stuff from skook and some river running from parts I don't know.
Small Town Boys, Click Here!

The Ditch has a warm spot in my heart because these guys are making it happen with what they have. Nice work on a drainage ditch to make a good play hole. Nice work.
The Ditch, Click Here!

All these videos are well put together and are up for the award of winning the 2005 LL Ultimate Hook Up Video Contest
There are 4 categories

The Overall winner gets a Free Boat
The other category winners recieve a pro deal and other great prizes like, Woody's old booties.

You can still enter if you send in a Quicktime movie that is 400X300 and less than 15mb soon.
Email it to me at


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